We are a company where we build staircases and grillhouses with great dedication. Take a look at our custom built staircases or visit our Grillhouse homepage.

Check out the stairs

Shape pictogram

Type of Stair

What kind of staircase type will be most suitable for you: I-, L- or U-shaped.

  • Shape IShape I
  • Shape LShape L
  • Shape UShape U
Material pictogram


In the main selection we offer quality materials in birch, pine, European ash and European oak. If anything else is needed, let's find a solution together.

  • KaskBirch
  • Euroopa SaarEuropean Ash
  • Eurooopa TammEuropean Oak
  • MändPine


Learn more about the staircase details and build. The more specific the inquiry, the more accurate the offer.

Guardrails pictogram


One of the great features of the stairs is definitely the handrails. Choose whatever you dream of and we will make it to come true.

Step hight difference pictogram

The Rise

There are three options for the rise: open, with safety bar or closed (toeboard).

Finish pictogram


The final finish of the staircase can be transparent oil, tinted oil, varnish, stain or paint.

Cheek pictogram

Stringer Board

The stringer board gives the staircase a special character. Choose either closed or open and the room’s appearance will be changed greatly.

Light pictogram


To give some light for the stairs, we install LED lighting according to your needs.


We offer our help with measurement, transport and installation. If anything is needed, then please let us know when sending inquiry.

Measure pictogram


We will help you take the necessary measurements at home and give you advice on how to achieve the best results.

Transport pictogram


With great care and attention we deliver the staircase to your home.

Installation pictogram


Our diligent workers will install the staircase in compliance with all the safety  requirements.

Send your inquiry

Choose the desired materials, the shape and details of the staircase and send us your request. We prepare a price offer according to the specification of the staircase – the more detailed the description, the more accurate the offer. If you have any questions, write to us at info@aarain.ee.